Micro Hydro

Power Generation from Water

If a nearby stream is available with good flow, then the energy may be harnessed and stored in the battery system. The advantage of water is that it flows 24hrs a day so a small system (say 50 watt) can generate large quantities of energy per day. Unfortunately, Australia being the driest continent, means that suitable sites are few and far between. Even though the local stream may only flow during winter and spring - this may be just the balance required to offset the lack of solar energy during the most cloudy and reduced solar strength times of the year. To assess the suitability of the site, water flow rates (litres/sec) and head (max. height of water above the turbine) need to be taken before a suitable system can be designed. A good quality pelton wheel turbine (best for high head & low flow) will cost around $2000. The building of weirs and piping will significantly add to the overall cost.

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