Off-grid Solar Power for Homes


Silicon solar cells turn bright sunlight into electricity. The resultant energy is stored in batteries for use when required. 

The solar modules (PV's) are normally sold as 12 or 24 volt modules and they should be mounted facing North (in Southern latitudes) and angled to catch the maximum amount of sun. 

Although solar electrical systems are basically very simple and should give trouble-free service for many years, care must be taken at the design stage. Everybody has different power requirements. We need to know how much electricity you will consume on average each day so we can ensure a suitable amount of energy is collected and stored. 

Solar will run any appliance or load but keep in mind that the higher your demand for power, the higher the cost of the system. 

We need a list of: · 

  • appliances or loads you wish to use
  • How many watts each appliance consumes
  • How long you expect to run each load each day
We can help with some of these estimates and then design a suitable system to Australian Standards.
We can also recommend special compact fluoro lighting, transfer or pressure pumps and low energy appliances such as washing machines, fridges and dushwashers

We design each system to suit each customerís needs and below are examples of typical systems which can be adapted where necessary.


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